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    Got a large lump of armour sat in your driveway/field/yard that isn't going anywhere soon or in need of a repair beyond your capacity or available funds? Depending on your vehicle we are willing to exchange it for a fully functioning replacement...
  • What can we do? Well we offer to maintain the vehicle(s) in return for its use at certain times. It would, of course, be subject to certain conditions. The vehicle should be removable. The vehicle must be available to us for a minimum of one...
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    Echoed, very well put albeit I have put on a few pounds...........haha!
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    Commerated on: 1941 January: Formed from the anti-tank companies of the three infantry brigades (131, 132, 133) of the 44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division. 1941 January 8th: Renamed 44th Reconnaissance Battalion 1942 June 6th: Renamed 44th...
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    Commemerated on: 1941 October: Formed from the 5th Battalion of the Gloucesters as the Reconnaissance Regiment for the 48th Infantry Division 1941 November: Transferred to the 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division.

The Yeomanry VolunteersĀ are an ex-servicemens organisation (though supporters of the military in all forms are welcome) We are organised along military lines, hold an annual muster and recruit in the spirit of the original yeomanry using the many people out there who feel that they still have a role to play in the defence of this country despite age or infirmity.

You can only join The Yeomanry Volunteers and use this site by phoning the hotline on 08712886958 (calls cost 10p a minute and all revenue goes towards maintaining the TYV). The hotline is usually manned from 1930-2200 every day.

Membership is open to all those have some form of military experience, owners of privately owned ex-military vehicles and any supporters of the TYV aims.

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